We Care About You and Your Car

Every Oil Change Includes Up To 5 Quarts of Oil, Filter and 21 Point Inspection

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

$32.99 /5 Qts + Filter

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increase Sludge Protection
  • Enhanced Piston Cleanliness
  • Increased Emission Protection

High Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil

$42.99 /5 Qts + Filter

  • Helps Reduce Oil Consumption and Leaks
  • Fuel Efficient Formulations
  • Helps Reduce Engine Wear and Corrosion
  • Excellent Low Temperature Pour Point
  • Increased Emission Protection

Full Synthetic Oil

$52.99 /5 Qts + Filter

  • Optimal Corrosion and Wear Protection, Engine Cleaning and Lubricating Properties
  • Increased Compatibility with Ethanol Blended Fuels
  • Fully Compatible with All Synthetic, Synthetic Blend and Conventional Motor Oils
  • Outstanding Performance in Low and High Temperature Performance and All Driving Conditions
  • GM dexOS1 Approved

Valvoline Full Synthetic

$62.99 /5 Qts + Filter

Valvoline SynPower Premium Oil

  • Superior Sludge and Varnish Protection
  • Helps Reduce Engine Wear With Improved Viscosity Stability
  • Super Cold-Temperature Protection
  • Durable Anti-Wear Additives Remain In Oil Longer
  • Outstanding Friction and Wear Protection
  • Helps Maintain Fuel Efficiency
  • Eligible for 300,000 Mile Engine Guarantee (Conditions Apply)
  • GM dexOS1 Approved