Transmission Fluid Exchange

$109.99 /

  • Helps Maintain Proper Shifting Characteristics
  • Prolongs Life of Transmission
  • Could Save $2,500 in Repair Costs
  • Removes More Fluid Than Conventional Flush

What We Do

  • Circulate VPS Cleaner to Remove Deposits and Debris
  • Fluid Exchange Performed
  • New Transmission Fluid is Added
  • Transmission Conditioner Added to Protect Against Shudder and Premature Wear While Conditioning Seals to Prevent Leaks

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

$64.99 /

  • Prevent Steering Judder, Squeals and Leaks
  • Helps Provide Optimal Steering Efficiency
  • Extends the Life of Power Steering Components

What We Do

  • Remove Old, Contaminated Fluid
  • Add Solvent-Free Power Steering Cleaner
  • Flush Cleaner Through System via Exchange, Removing Old Fluid and Debris
  • Perform Fluid Exchange with New Synthetic Blend Power Steering Fluid

Radiator Fluid Exchange

$76.99 /

  • Removes Corrosion and Deposits
  • Extends the Life of Cooling Components
  • Keeps the Entire Cooling System Clean
  • Helps Cooling System Function Efficiently
  • Can Save Over $2,000 in Repair Costs

What We Do

  • Circulate Radiator Cleaner Through Entire Cooling System to Remove Deposits, Scale and Corrosion
  • Perform Coolant Exchange
  • Protect System by Adding Water Pump Lubricant & Protector to Increase Cooling Efficiency and Reduce Wear and Corrosion
  • Seal System
  • Top Off With New Coolant

Fuel System Cleaning

$64.99 /& Up

Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and need to be removed on a regular basis. Our 3-Step Process removes deposits and carbon buildup from your entire fuel system.

  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Restore Maximum Power and Performance
  • Eliminate Rough Idle and Hesitation
  • Reduce Emissions Caused by Deposits
  • Restore Engine Efficiency and Fuel Economy

What We Do

  • Remove Deposits from Fuel Injectors
  • Remove Deposit Build-Up from Intake Valves and Combustion Chambers
  • Clean the Throttle Body and Intake Manifold